We believe that products and services can be improved by the people who know them best: the users.
That's why we have created voxwell, an online community for serious enthusiasts to share their ideas for making things better.

We want Voxwell to have a real power to improve things. So when truly original ideas are posted, we will present them to the companies concerned.

Emmanuel Maroye
There is a voxwell dedicated to each product or service. Geniuses post their ideas for improvement, and can rate & comment on other ideas. So good ideas move to the top!

Anna Gasco
How does it work? We want the process of capturing ideas to be as simple as using a pen. As that pen should of course be in your pocket. Voxwell is for all your Eureka moments!
Home Ideas from friends and Voxwell pages you follow are available in one central location for quick access and painless search.
Suggest awesome ideas Search for a product or service. If you can't find what you are looking for, suggest a dedicated Voxwell page. Then submit your great idea on that Voxwell. Easy Peasy!
Discover great products At Voxwell, we are enabling everyone to share creative ideas on amazing product & services. Check out all the great Voxwell pages we have for you!
Invite other geniuses Invite other geniuses to participate and check companies' reaction to your ideas.

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